Post Workout Breakfast Smoothie

Im usually not one for smoothies as I find it hard to fit in the necessary number of calories into a small cup, but in a pinch they are a good way to get some solid food in you as opposed to a powdered shake.

This morning after my swim I concocted this little gem, it was delicious and high in essential nutrients for post workout.



1/2 cup – low fat milk (I use lactaid milk because Im lactose intolerant) Almond milk, coconut or soy could also work.

1/4 cup- dry Steel cut oats

2 tbsp- Natural Almond Butter

1/4 cup- frozen fruit (I used a strawberry, peach, mango mix)

1 Tbsp- Raw, shelled, Hemp Hearts

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

This recipe is 575 calories. Combined with about 2-300cal pre-workout and 100-200 during your workout you should be fuelled to start your day!

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