Taking on my 2015 Race Season.


The 2014 season was a busy one! I completed 4 half-Ironman’s one of which was the World Championships in Mont. Tremblant, QC. It was a long season, my longest yet with the most races I have done in a season. At the end of it I felt a huge sense of accomplishment, tired but satisfied.

Finding out that last season I finished in the Silver ranking (top 5% of my age group) for Ironman was a welcome boost of confidence! I also consider it a bar set. I look to Ironman this year with the goal of top 20 in my age group. Which means coming in around 11hrs. It will be tough for sure but if I put my mind to it I know its possible.

The first step for me at the beginning of a race season is always about goal setting. My main goals for this coming training season are centred around 4 pillars. 1)Training 2)Nutrition 3) Rest and 4) Balance. Some people will argue that #4 is a necessary casualty of Ironman training and one you just have to deal with. I plan to do my best to ensure that it remains a pillar. If I have learned anything these past few years, its that life really IS too short to get tunnel vision, even when focused on an admirable goal. There are too many amazing people around you and too many amazing things to experience to forsake it all as you push towards a solitary endeavour.

To keep myself focused on my goals, I will sit down weekly and assess my previous weeks performance in all of my pillars and create new goals for the coming week. I will find a way to reward my dedication as well as a way to honour my amazing support system along the way. Ironman really is just as much about the journey as it is the destination. This year will bring me one step closer to the top of my age group, and my dream of a Kona finish. I intend to embrace the journey and not lose sight of what’s really important- that I have the gift of a body and a life that allows me to compete and people that support me in it. That is what its really all about.

** I dedicate todays blog to a good friend that passed away this week before his prime, but who’s focus and zest for life was enough for 10 lifetimes. In Darcy’s memory I look to embrace life and my goals.


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