Small changes every day

Dreaming is one thing, turning those thoughts into action is a whole other story! I feel like this is true not only for training, but for life as well. We can think big, but having the guts to put in the time to make it happen is where most people usually get stuck and those dreams fall by the wayside.

This thought came to me yesterday when I was late for a scheduled workout with my team and ended up not going. Its so easy to think, oh man Im doomed and I am the worst athlete ever.. etc. But then I took a second and thought a1471228_10100145239716466_1875757729_nbout all the hard work that I have been putting in recently and how it doesn’t always line up for every workout but thats ok. Its all about the small changes every day. For example the past couple weeks I have become more and more diligent in packing my lunches, snacks and even dinner if I have to. At first I was only grabbing what I could and heading out the door, and by this week I have become even more thoughtful about it, and have been setting the time aside to pack what I need each day. Its a small step but in the grand scheme of my health and nutrition it will make a big difference. We have to remember that its about taking it one day at a time.

Even more important is remembering not to lose sight of your little accomplishments. Yesterday I had 2 workouts a swim and a run, I missed my weight session. What did I focus on- the fact that I missed my weight session, I didn’t take the time to congratulate myself for getting up at 6am to get in the pool, or setting aside an hour in my busy workday to go for a run, or the effort I put in to eat healthy for the day. Its funny how programmed we are to focus on what we didn’t do and not what we did. And when it comes to achieving those big goals, its important to remember that its one day at a time, not every day is going to be perfect but that you make the changes necessary to keep going and create that dream. Had a less than great day, reset and figure out where you can adjust to that  will be better, not necessarily perfect, but better.

As for this morning, I have already had one bike workout- I am lucky enough to work at an indoor cycling studio- I have another one coming up in an hour, I have eaten a healthy breakfast even though the cinnamon buns were staring me in the face at the coffee shop, and I have a swim planned for this afternoon. One thing at a time. And it WILL come together.


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