Picking up where I left off

Today was the first snowfall of the year- there’s always something pretty special about the first major snowfall of winter. A quiet seems to fall over the city and everything seems to slow down for the day as this white blanket descends and transforms everything overnight. I found myself taking a step back today and reflecting on where I’m at and it also made me think about all that happened since the snow melted last year.

It was a long race season that saw me complete 3 half ironmans, a half marathon, qualifying and competing at the 70.3 World Championships (to total 4 half ironmans for the season) and 1 marathon (barely). I moved cities and in with my boyfriend, left a job I loved, for a new one that I am loving as well. It has been a busy 6 months to say the least.

IMG_1379 IMG_1171 IMG_1064 IMG_0953

In regards to my racing I saw some serious gains in speed and ability, with PB’s at every race except for Worlds. I learned a lot, for example, if you don’t get in the water and swim you won’t maintain your speed, you will in fact get slower. I also learned that the bike is running’s best friend in regards to extra power, but if you don’t put on the miles, it is going to hurt in the long run aka, my marathon finish.

With the end of my season wrapping up in mid October, its been a bit tough mentally and physically to get back into a training schedule. I have my new team in my new city but I took the rest of October off. At first I was frustrated with my ‘laziness’ in not wanting to get up for a 6am swim. I had just come off a season that really proved that if you put the time in to training you will see the results and here I was not wanting to train. I realized though that what I was really feeling was the emotional, mental and physical drain that happens to most athletes, we need that time to do something other than train, to refresh and reload so that we can get back at it with a clear head and a renewed passion.

With the snowfall today its as though I felt what I have been needing to feel for awhile, the desire to get back at it. The desire to hunker down under this blanket of snow and get to work. To set my goals and work at them a day at a time, sweat it out in my training sessions so that I can fly through my races this season with confidence.

The snow is here, and I am ready. I am ready to take on my goals for another season. Its going to be a good one.

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